Brave New World 2014

Brave New World 2014

Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester

Thursday 12th – Friday 13th June

Keynote   Speakers


Professor Bob Goodin (ANU/ Essex University)



Professor David Archard (Queen’s University Belfast)

‘What has Political Philosophy got to do with the Real World?’





Brian Carey

University of Manchester

‘The Right to Revoke Citizenship – Who Should be Immune?’


Sara Amighetti & Alasia Nuti,

University College London /University of Cambridge

‘A Nation’s Right to Exclude and the Colonies’


Alfred Archer

University of Edinburgh

‘Community, Pluralism and Individualistic Pursuits: A Defence of Why Not Socialism?


Avigail Ferdman

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

‘Liberal Neutrality in the Face of Inevitable Institutional Establishment’


Thomas Ferretti

Université Catholique de Louvain

‘An Argument for State Intervention in Firms’ Structure’


Marco Meyer

University of Cambridge

‘Finance as a Risky Technology’


Noa Nogradi

University of Leeds

‘The “Worst Off” of Global Justice Theory: Who are They and Does that Matter?’


Sara van Goozen

University of Manchester

‘Intentions, Motivations, and Morality’


Annie Austin

University of Manchester

‘Hegemony of Happiness’


Mirjam van der Heide

Australia Catholic University

‘Struggles for Dignity’


Katy Wells

University of Oxford

‘Egalitarianism and Control of the Economy’


John Wilesmith

University College London

‘Property-Owning Democracy vs. Welfare-State Capitalism: Two Conceptions of Ideal-Types and   Justification’


Jack Holme

University of Manchester

Justice for Hedgehogs, Conceptual Authenticity for Foxes: Ronald Dworkin on Value Conflicts’


Daniel Guillery

University College London

‘The Concept of Feasibility’


Lior Erez

University College London

‘Cosmopolitanism, Motivation and the Demandingness Objection’


James Humphries

University of Glasgow

‘Slavery, Voluntary Slavery and Social Relations’


Jamie Henson

University of Manchester

‘Remorse and Recidivism’


Julia Gründel

Goethe University Frankfurt

‘Changing Without Being Seen – Why a   Definition of Civil Disobedience also covers Secret ways of Political Protest’


Patrick McDevitt

University of Stirling

‘Razian Contextualism’


Alexandru Volacu

National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest

‘Hypothetical Insurance as the Basis for a Non-Arbitrary Sufficientarian Threshold’


The Brave New World conference series is a leading international forum dedicated to the discussion of postgraduate research in political theory. Participants will have the chance to meet and talk about their work with eminent academics, including members of faculty from the University of Manchester as well as the guest speakers who will deliver plenary addresses.

Guest speakers in previous years have included: Richard Arneson, Brian Barry, Simon Caney, G.A. Cohen, Roger Crisp, Cecile Fabre, Jerry Gaus, Peter Jones, Chandran Kukathas, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Susan Mendus, David Miller, Onora O’Neill, Michael Otsuka, Bhikhu Parekh, Carole Pateman, Anne Phillips, Thomas Pogge, Joseph Raz, Andrea Sangiovanni, Samuel Sheffler, Quentin Skinner, Hillel Steiner, Adam Swift, Philippe Van Parijs, Leif Wenar, Andrew Williams and Jonathan Wolff.

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