MANCEPT Workshops 2014

The MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory 2014 is an annual conference in political theory, organised under the auspices of the Manchester Centre for Political Theory. This year’s conference will be the eleventh event in the series and will take place on Monday 8th September until Wednesday 10th September at the Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester. Over the last ten years, participants from over twenty five countries have come together in a series of workshops focussing on political theory/philosophy widely construed. Last year the workshops had more than 200 delegates attending, and the conference is now established as a leading international forum dedicated to the discussion of research in political theory.

Please see the drop-down menu above for more information.

We are delighted to announce that we have accepted 34 panels this year; the most we’ve ever had! Please find details of the subject of each panel here (A-H), here (I-R), or here (S-Z).

Further information on panels in previous year’s workshops can be found here (2013), here (2012), or here (2011).


7 thoughts on “MANCEPT Workshops 2014

  1. Dear workshop team,
    I am a graduate student in philosophy with special interest in political philosophy and would love to apply for such an interesting workshop. however, I did not find a call for application on the blog!
    could you please notify me with your CFP

  2. Hi Khadeega,

    Thanks for your interest in our event! Each panel convenor is responsible for his/her own CFP. Please see the specific panel pages listed in the drop-down menu above.

    Kind regards,

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  4. What a terrific line up! May I submit abstracts to two panels, or will I have to choose between them?

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for your comment. You may submit abstracts to two panels; if both are accepted, then we need you to let us know asap so that we can make sure that the sessions aren’t on at the same time.

    Kind regards,

  6. Since I missed the registration by a country mile, can you let me know if any of the material will be filmed/recorded and released online?

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m afraid not. If there are particular panels that you are interested in, then may I suggest contacting the convenors directly to see whether they’ve anything they’d like to share. Information regarding next year’s conference will be uploaded shortly!

      Kind regards,

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