Panels (A-E)

Autonomy in Moral and Political Philosophy (Chris Mills)

Biopolitics 2.0: Digital Subjects (Gabriella Calchi-Novati and Andrew Wilford)

Bringing Back Non Violence in Political Theory (Roberto Baldoli)

Collective Action:  Ontology, Ethics, and Application (Kendy Hess, Violetta Igneski, Tracey Isaacs)

Conflicts on Public Reason (Giovanni Cogliandro, Yishai Mishor)

Crisis and Political Theory (Kerstin Budde, Camilla Boisen, Natalie Riendeau)

Democratic Secrecy Dorota Mokrosinska, Eric R. Boot)

Electoral Systems and Political Theory  (Daniel Weinstock, Matteo Bonotti)

Embracing Plurality, Learning through Practice (Janosch Prinz, Irene Vanini)

Environmental Human Rights (Markku Oksanen, Ashley Dodsworth)

Epistemic Perspectives on Democracy and the Market (Michael Bennett, Jonathan Benson)

Expanding the Horizon: Collective Moral Agency and Global Justice (Jelena Belic and Zlata Bozac)