Panels (A-E)

Assessing the Relevance of Ideal Theory (Chetan Cetty, Pierce Randall)

Bio-Hackers, Home Made Cyborgs and Body Modifications: A New Frontier for Ethics and Policy (Joe Roberts, David Lawrence)

Change of Law in a Democratic State: Normative Foundations and Practical Processes (Maciej Chmieliński, Michał Rupniewski)

Collective Agents and Global Structural Injustice (Christina Friedlaender, Leonie Smith)

Collectivism in the Morality of War (Saba Bazargan-Forward)

Confucian Political Theory (Elton Chan, Larry Lai, Baldwin Wong)

Democratic Politics in the Post-Truth Era (Clayton Chin, Simon Kaye)

Digitalisation and the Future of Democratic Theory (Karoline Helbig, Alexander Weiß)

Environmental Citizenship and Individual Responsibility for Global
Environmental Problems (Christian Baatz, Laura Garcia-Portela, Lieske Voget-Kleschin)