Panels (F-P)

Fact and Knowledge in Democratic Politics (Andrew Reid)

From “Is” to “Ought” Beyond the State and Capitalism: Exploring Needs in Ethics, Justice, and Political Philosophy (Andrew Fassett)

Group Agency: Ontology and Implications (Brian Flanagan)

Human Solidarity, Sentiment, and Cosmopolitan Justice (Joshua Hobbs, Kerri Woods)

Legitimacy in Context: Normativity between Descriptions and Independent Values (Ilaria Cozzaglio, Chiara Destri, Greta Favara)

Liberal Neutrality and Oppression (Elizabeth Edenberg, Emily McGill-Rutherford)

Moral Equality and Equal Respect (Giacomo Floris, Alex Pepper)

New Ideas in Economic Justice (Mark Reiff)

Non-Paradigmatic Punishments (Helen Brown Coverdale, Bill Wringe)