Workshop Structure

Convenors organize a workshop that has between three and 12 paper-givers (or more in some circumstances).  The presentation of these papers takes place over 1-5 sessions, with each session lasting three and a half hours. Workshops with three paper givers normally require only one session, if there are six papers, then we suggest two sessions and so on. In most cases, paper-givers will be asked to speak for 30 minutes, and will then field questions and comments for a further 30 minutes. Workshop convenors are, however, free to organize the length of presentation and question time as they see fit.  A workshop can last for one session, or it may extend through all five. For example, some may find it convenient to squeeze four paper-givers into one session or use 2 sessions with 2 papers presented per session. Also, if a workshop has, say, five paper-givers, the second session can finish an hour early. On occasion workshop convenors in the past have had a ’round table’ discussion about a particular topic. This could have up to six speakers and would normally last for only one session.

The number of sessions offered to you will depend on application numbers and will usually be determined when your workshop proposal is accepted. If you would like to request a particular number of sessions, then please include that information in your workshop proposal. We’ll try our best to accomodate your requests, but we are constrained by room availability.

Please also note that workshop convenors decide which papers to accept in their workshop. (We, the conference organisers, do not vet papers and workshops range from those which discuss fully developed papers to those where nascent ideas are given their first hearing.) There is no conference policy on whether papers should be circulated to other workshop participants in advance; this is for the workshop convenors to decide.  Papers may be circulated among workshop paper-givers through email although this is at the discretion of the convenors.

While participants in the MANCEPT workshops need not be paper givers, and workshop chairs may decide not to deliver a paper, all delegates must be attached to a particular workshop and their attendance agreed by with the workshop convenor. Note, too, that delegates are free to attend any workshop they like during the sessions when their own workshop is not meeting.