MANCEPT Workshops 2018


MANCEPT Workshops 2018 Panels 

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Climate Change Mitigation and Imperfect Duties


Democracy and Aesthetics: Performance, Perception and Representation


Democracy, Technocracy and the Role of Citizens – A Critical Reflection


Freedom of Speech, Symbols, Memories, and the Politics of Public Space


Food Justice


Independence, Self-Determination and Secession


Intergenerational Justice


Legitimate Injustice and Just Resistance


Markets and Morality


Modern Warfare and the Just War Tradition


Money, Migration, and Morality


Paternalism, Nudging and the Digital Sphere


Political Instrumentalism and the Justification of Political Authority


Politics of Nudging


Political Obligation and Moral Conflict


Political Theory and the Question of Religion


Political Theory and the Future of Work


Positive Freedom in a Changing World


Preventing the ‘Age of Loneliness’


Religion in Liberal Politics


The Liberal State, Religion and Education: Principled Policies for Non-Ideal Circumstances


The Political Philosophy of the Body


The Political Philosophy of Harm Reduction


The Question of Non-Violence in Contemporary Social Movements


The Rise of Illiberalism in an Economically Troubled World


The Shades of Political Responsibility


Theories of Public Reason


Thomas Hobbes – Jeremy Bentham: Political Economy and International Political Theory in Perspective


Truth, Knowledge, and Political Disagreement