Panels (I-O)

Incivility, Disobedience, and Whistleblowing: Bad Citizenship or Democratic Dissent? (Manohar Kumar, Daniele Santoro, Derek Edyvane, Enes Kulenovic)

Justice and Immigration  (Benjamin Boudou, Asrid von Busekist)

Justice for Future Generations (Elizabeth Finneron-Burns, Erik Magnusson)

Local Politics, Global Economics (Christine Hobden, Haye Hazenberg)

Methods in Political Theory (Jens Olesen)

Money (Philipp Degens, Simon Derpmann)

Multiculturalism and Obligations: Individual, Group, Society, and State (Domenico Melidoro)

Non-domination between Republicanism and Relational Egalitarianism (Sara Amighetti)

Norm Geras’s Contribution to Marxism (David Bates, Mark Cowling, Paul Wetherly)