Registration for the MANCEPT Workshops 2016 is now open!

We are delighted to announce that we have accepted 30 panels at the workshops this year. Please find details of the subject of each panel on the relevant pages (A-E) (F-P) (R-Z).

Registration for the workshops is now open and can be completed here. The cost of registration is the same as last year (£220 for academics and £130 for graduate students or retirees). Registration will be open until the 25th July (after this time a late fee will be incurred).

We have 30 bursaries available to cover the costs of registration. Anyone who is not currently in full-time employment may apply. The deadline to apply for a bursary is 10th June and decisions will be made by the 15th. To apply for a bursary, please include the following information in a word document and email it to us at: – Name, Institutional Affiliation, Paper Title, Panel Title, and Reason for Application.

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