1st Year Undergraduate

POLI10702 Introduction to Political Theory (syllabus 2014/15, to be updated before start of semester 2)


2nd Year Undergraduate

POLI20881 Ideals of Social Justice (syllabus 2016/17)

POLI20961 Challenges for Democratic Politics

POLI20602 Arguing about Politics (syllabus 2014/15)


3rd Year Undergraduate

POLI30231 Gender, Sex, and Politics (syllabus 2016/17)

POLI32121 Theories of Rights

POLI31031 Children, the Family and Social Justice (syllabus 2015/16)

POLI30052 Pluralism, Democracy, and Citizenship (not running 2016/17)

POLI30751/2 Global Justice (not running in 2015/16)

POLI32031/2 Anarchy and Authority (not running in 2015-16)


MA Level

POLI70601 Political Theory Research Training (syllabus 2016/17)

POLI70611 Debating Justice

POLI70771 Philosophy of Politics Research (syllabus 2016/17)

POLI60222 The Ethics of Killing (syllabus 2014/15)

POLI70722 Theories Of Rights (syllabus 2014/15)

POLI70872 Democracy: Theory and Practice (syllabus 2016/17)

POLI60181 Governing in an Unjust World: Justice and International Institutions (2016/17)