Mancept Seminar Series 2015/16

Semester One

23rd Sept. “Is Justice Bad for Immigrants?” Luis Enrique Camacho Beltran (UNAM)

30th Sept. Brian McElwee (St John’s College, University of Oxford)

7th Oct. “Covenants without Shame? Social Norms, Political Emotions, and the Publicity Constraint” Chris Mills (University College London)

14th Oct. Discussion on inalienable rights with Richard Child and Hillel Steiner

21st Oct. Miriam Ronzoni presents her work in progress “Coercion, Equality and the Natural Duty of Justice”

28th Oct. “Citizens’ assemblies and democratic renewal” Stuart White (Jesus College, University of Oxford

11th Nov. “Activist Constraints on Political Philosophy”, David Axelssen (London School of Economics)

18th Nov. “Credibility Assessment in the Asylum System: A Case of Epistemic Exploitation?”, Megan Blomfield (University of Bristol)

25th Nov.              Richard Child Presents … TBA

2nd Dec.                TBA, Jodie Lamb (University of Manchester)

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