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  1. Hi, I am Juan Iosa from Argentina. My PhD is on “The conflict between authority and autonomy” (If interested you can download my paper on The structure of the conflict between authority and autonomy from http://www.academia.edu). At present I am starting to work on the construction of a unified theory of autonomy (negative freedom, personal, moral, polítical) analising the conceptual and normative links between this ideas. I would love to visit you in your workshop on autonomy. Excuse my question but as I can’t go by my own means alone, I have to ask: Don’t you have any grant to which apply to cover part of the trip? If so I could ask in my university for some money and afford the rest by myself.
    Best wishes
    Juan Iosa

    • Hi Juan,
      Thank-you for your comment. Did you mean to post it on the ‘Autonomy’ Panel of this year’s worshops? If you would like to submit a paper to that panel, then please contact the convenor, Chris Mills, at autonomymancept2015@gmail.com.
      In terms of funding, the only means we have to offer you is a bursary, which covers the cost of registration. The bursary is available to panel convenors or paper-givers who are not in full-time employment. The deadline to apply for a bursary will be 10th June and decisions will be made by the 15th. To apply for a bursary, please include the following information in a word document and email it to us at: manceptworkshops@gmail.com – Name, Institutional Affiliation, Paper Title, Panel Title, and Reason for Application.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Kind regards,
      Stephanie Rinaldi

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